SCD Cupcakes

I recently made SCD cupcakes and since they can be tricky, thought I’d share them with you.

I used the same SCD cake recipe I used here, but omitted the lemon flavoring since I was out of it.

And I used not only the same SCD buttercream frosting recipe that I had used for the SCD birthday cake, but the actual batch of SCD buttercream that I had made for that cake.

Having the extra stored in small containers in the freezer made creating the cupcakes a breeze. The trick is to thaw the frosting, then re-whip it before adding it to the piping bag.

Instead of creating frosting-based flowers, which would not have held up well without continual refrigeration, I piped a basic twirl, then decorated the cupcakes with fresh flowers.

How have you decorated your SCD confections? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear.



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