SCD Meal Plan

Here’s another meal plan to get your month started. Hope it helps. And I’d love to hear about your meal plan successes in the comments below.


Monday: SCD pancakes, homemade strawberry syrup, homemade SCD sausage
Tuesday: SCD yogurt, toasted nuts and fruit
Wednesday: SCD carrot pancakes with honey, homemade SCD sausage
Thursday: Eggs, bacon, cooked apples
Friday: SCD pumpkin pie

Lunches (Packed for School)

Monday: Applegate “octopus” hotdog, SCD carrot cake, fruit, peas
Tuesday: SCD salmon patties, fruit, SCD banana muffins
Wednesday: SCD Waffle Sticks, homemade SCD sausage, homemade strawberry syrup
Thursday: Applegate hotdog, homemade butternut squash fries, fruit, SCD cupcake
Friday: SCD pizza (w/provolone and meat), fruit, SCD carrot cake


Monday: SCD eggplant parmesan, roasted Brussels sprouts
Tuesday: SCD vegetarian chili (with beef, cheese, etc. available to add in)
Wednesday: Huevos rancheros (with beef available), salad, fresh guacamole, homemade SCD salsa, etc.
Thursday: Broiled salmon, baby carrots glazed in SCD orange juice, SCD garlic toast
Friday: SCD Crockpot chicken with onions, mushrooms and carrots, homemade applesauce


Fruit smoothies
Shrek juice (green smoothie)
Almond butter packs
SCD Trail Mix
Boiled eggs (in Bento shapes)
SCD gelatin
SCD banana, mango ice cream
SCD nut brittle
SCD carrot cake
Veggies & homemade SCD green goddess dip
Sardines & SCD crackers
Homemade SCD banana chips
SCD yogurt
SCD eggplant chips



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